The killing effect of uv ray sterilization lamp on virus
30 July 04

At present, many diseases (commonly influenza, tuberculosis, etc.) can be transmitted through the air during the epidemic process. The pathogenic bacteria (such as tuberculosis, influenza virus, etc.) in the air can invade the human body and cause a series of pathological changes in the body. Cause corresponding diseases, endanger health and life. In order to effectively kill pathogenic bacteria in the air, ultraviolet disinfection technology has been developed. As the number of applications increases, a large number of studies have shown that scientific application of ultraviolet disinfection technology can also achieve high-efficiency sterilization effects. 

With its own advantages such as wide sterilization spectrum and strong sterilization effect, UV disinfection technology can kill microorganisms distributed in many places in the air and on the surface of objects, and shows a powerful killing effect on diversified microorganisms including bacteria and viruses. Not only that, with the expansion of the application range of ultraviolet disinfection technology, it is found that it is easy to operate in the actual application process, and does not cause secondary pollution, has a high promotion value, and is suitable for air disinfection in primary medical institutions. 

At present, the most commonly used UV disinfection equipment includes suspended UV lamps, mobile UV lamp disinfection vehicles, self-made mobile UV lamps, etc. However, due to insufficient knowledge of the "Disinfection Technical Specifications" and irregular daily use, they often cannot be achieved The corresponding disinfection effect.

Key points for the correct use of ultraviolet sterilization lamps:

(1) The irradiation time of the ultraviolet sterilization lamps must be limited, and the ultraviolet ray must have sufficient intensity. The irradiation time is generally (30-60) minutes. A 1.5w ultraviolet disinfection lamp is needed per cubic meter, that is, one 30w ultraviolet disinfection lamp is needed for every 20 square meters of space, and so on.

(2) Keep the UV lamp clean, wipe it with absolute alcohol every two weeks, and replace the lamp after 3000 hours of use.

(3) It is recommended to close the doors and windows when in use, and expose all the objects to be disinfected as far as possible within the range that the ultraviolet sterilization lamp can irradiate. The objects to be disinfected should be turned over regularly so that their surfaces are directly exposed.

(4) The radiation intensity and disinfection and sterilization effect of the lamp should be checked regularly.

(5) After disinfection, it is recommended to open the window for 30 minutes before entering the room.

(6) Pay attention to protect your eyes and skin. If you must enter the room where the UV sterilization lamp is turned on, you must wear UV protective glasses, work clothes and protective gloves to ensure that your eyes and skin are not exposed to UV rays.