Wall Mounted Toothbrush Sterilizer


Shenzhen Lampda Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Baolong Industrial City High-tech Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the development, manufacturing and sales of ultraviolet lamps, water bottles, and thermos bottles.

The company has a professional technical team; it has professional laboratories, test rooms, and multiple automated and semi-automated production equipment, which has achieved modern, standardized and large-scale production, strictly controlled quality assurance, and ensured product stability and reliability.

Since the establishment of the company, adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, effectiveness, perfection, innovation and transcendence", strong technical force and development capabilities, advanced production equipment and high-quality management personnel plus a well-trained staff team, to ensure All our products have excellent quality, and provide customers with the highest quality and best service products at any time. In the future, Lampda will also introduce a large number of professional talents and advanced equipment, continue to optimize and continue to innovate, further improve product performance, ensure product quality, develop high-end products, take customer satisfaction as its responsibility, keep making progress, and provide a healthy living space and The ecological environment exerts its maximum energy.

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Wall Mounted Toothbrush Sterilizer