smart water bottle

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This is a thermos cup with UV Sterilization, reminder to drink water, and temperature display

We installed a 15mW LED sterilization lamp on the lid, and the sterilization rate can reach 99.99% after it is opened for 180 seconds

Has a touch activated smart LED screen where you can monitor your temperature.Give the lid a touch to  Display temperature.

uv water bottle

It has a built-in temperature display so you know the exact temperature of your water. Even more, it works with other beverages as well! Just turn your bottle upside down and let your drink touch the cap to get its current temperature.

Display temperature

The screen is light blue when the water temperature is 0-36 °C

The screen is green when the water temperature is 37-60 °C

The screen is red when the water temperature is 61-99 °C

sterilizing water bottle

Press and hold for two seconds to turn on the sterilization Self-cleaning function, washes its interior and contents with UV-C ultraviolet light at 280 nm, Kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens in just 180 seconds.

remind to drink water

Smart Water Reminder that makes sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Just switch on your smart LED water reminder and let your bottle do the work.Will remind you to drink water after 90 minutes


We now have black, blue, pink, white sterilizing water bottles in stock.and supports custom colors.

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smart water bottle